Rumah Syariah: A Safe Haven for Muslims in the Modern Age

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of Muslims seeking to live in homes or accommodations that adhere to Islamic principles and values. These homes, known as Rumah Syariah, provide a safe haven for Muslims to live in accordance with their faith in the modern age.

The term Syariah is derived from the Arabic word “shari’ah” which refers to the Islamic law, a collection of principles and rules that Muslims follow to guide their behavior, beliefs, and practices. As such, Rumah Syariah focuses on providing a holistic living experience for Muslims that is consistent with Islamic teachings and principles.

One of the key features of Rumah Syariah is the segregation of men and women, which is in line with Islamic values of modesty and segregation. Separate living areas for men and women allow Muslim families to avoid the challenges and temptations that may arise in a mixed-gender environment.

In addition to gender segregation, Rumah Syariah also offers Halal food options, prayer rooms, and other amenities that enable Muslims to fulfill their religious duties and obligations. The homes are also designed with cleanliness, privacy, and security in mind, further enhancing the living experience for Muslims.

The rise of Rumah Syariah in Indonesia is seen as a response to the growing trend of secularization, which emphasizes the separation of religion and state. As Muslims feel increasingly marginalized in secular societies, they are turning to Rumah Syariah as a way to maintain their faith identity and values.

In Indonesia, the government has recognized Rumah Syariah as an important component of the country’s tourism industry, promoting the homes as an alternative form of accommodation for Muslim travelers. This recognition has also led to the growth of Rumah Syariah as a business, with entrepreneurs building and managing these homes.

While there are concerns over the potential for Rumah Syariah to promote an exclusivist attitude and limit interaction with non-Muslims, proponents argue that the homes serve as a way for Muslims to live in a community that shares their values while still engaging with the broader society around them.

Overall, Rumah Syariah offers a unique living experience for Muslims seeking to live in accordance with their faith in the modern age. By providing a safe and secure environment that supports Islamic values and practices, these homes allow Muslims to maintain their identity and faith in an increasingly secular world.